About the author – sanjoy das

Sanjoy Das has only  one real identity – Servant of Jesus Christ. All of my other identities or attributes count to nothing. I have a day job assisting my company to deal in properties.

I came to know truth about three years back. I was in a crisis. Jesus came and lovingly embraced me before anything really bad could happen. Out of the window went the deceit and cunning and also the hurt of what wrong was happening at that time. Through the haze I could see the light of love of Jesus and the wrestling has begun since then. The wrestling is happening now … every day and every night and since then the complete realization of truth is my only motto in life. The truth that God is all good and  that daily communion and conversation with God only will help this world and us move forward in the right direction. He is our only hope.

The Word (Bible) is my guiding post and all my writing is influenced by it. This blog is a platform to encourage all of us to communicate with out maker daily and to know him better and in the bargain we will be set free.I write here for many reasons. Firstly I would like to document the changes happening in me due to this wrestling. The methodical process where God is dismantling the older me and remaking me as per his own specifications as his personal tool. Secondly I would like to encourage others among my readers to go on with their wrestling and not to stop till the blessing is received and thirdly I want to be encouraged myself by listening to your story and never let go of the wrestling with God.

Sincerely waiting to die and be born again.

I live in Pune, India and blessed with a happy and loving family of eight. Wife- Sonal, Daughter- Nikkita, Son- Sheel, Father in Law – Eric, Mother in Law- Leila and two dogs- Max and Hazel.